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Motorcycles as Art

At the 2021 Sturgis Motorcycle Rally & Races, a groundbreaking platform called Paths was used to promote the "Motorcycles as Art" exhibition. This digital platform provided an interactive way for visitors to explore the exhibition, even virtually, and learn about the stories and design processes behind each motorcycle. Social features encouraged engagement and built a community around the shared passion for motorcycle art. The use of Paths at the event demonstrates how technology can enhance traditional events and enrich the experience for attendees, both physically present and virtual.


Nash Motorcycle

In the face of fierce competition, Nash Motorcycles, a renowned custom bike builder, upped their customer engagement game through Paths, a cutting-edge communication platform. Paths allowed them to deliver real-time updates, share immersive visual content like sneak peeks and build videos, personalize communications based on customer preferences, and transparently showcase exciting collaborations. This resulted in a more informed, connected, and passionate customer base, boosting sales, loyalty, and solidifying Nash as a leader in innovation, both in bikes and customer engagement.


Jason Momoa and Paths Partnership

A unique collaboration between actor Jason Momoa and innovator Taber Nash brought forth the Knuckle Hammer, a tool merging artistry and functionality. Paths, a customer engagement platform, played a key role in its success. Paths offered immersive product experiences, exclusive behind-the-scenes glimpses, real-time updates, and showcased the collaborative story behind the hammer. This transformed the Knuckle Hammer into an experience, not just a product, garnering recognition and becoming a symbol of creativity and collaboration in the world of craftsmanship.

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