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paths Privacy model

  1. We are encrypting pretty much everything so humans can't read the data that is stored

  2. You own you(r) likeness, thoughts, information, content and creations that reside on Paths; and you have access at any moment to delete everything you’ve stored because it is yours and we’re not holding it hostage.

  3. You can set your account to Private so people must request access to follow your feeds, or it can be set to Public so you don't have to manage requests and it is open to others.

  4. WIPIWYG: (What Is Posted Is What You Get) Posts from friends that you follow in the feeds are chronological or sorted by date last edited. Those you track on the Tandem Timeline are strictly chronological. Posts are filtered by the viewing preferences that only you control or the audience privacy settings that the given object’s content creator has applied. You can decide to hide/delete your content later.

  5. The content of your entries, comments and direct messages are exactly what you have submitted and are not modified, unless you edited it yourself.

  6. You control the privacy level of your entries as a public post or private log. 

  7. There’s no way we’d sell your personal information to anyone. We don’t scrub, scrape or scan your submissions. Your identity is safe here. We have nothing plugged into your content.

  8. We do not utilize biometrics (face, finger, voice, etc…) thus keeping unchangeable elements of your identity and existence attached to our software, database or business.

  9. You can easily completely delete your account and all data associated with it on the app without the need to contact us.

  10. Simple: We don’t automatically control your camera or microphone. We don’t secretly utilize your Bluetooth connection; a/v control is through the operating system.

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