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For Immediate Release:


A Positive, Healthy Course-Correction In Social Networking


December 15, 2021


Paths is the app that helps people collaboratively intertwine & align MEMORIES with the important PEOPLE who helped create them...joyfully forever! 


Cerritos, California - The people of today are the first in history to have such well-documented lives thanks to the web and our devices. However, the documentation isn’t organized or readily available. Recorded moments in our life story aren’t strung together worthy enough to represent one's final legacy. The Paths app remedies that by maintaining our current social media habits while we seize life and share it.


Paths developers, who are among the generation of digital pioneers, now have young families and see that the ability to tell their full story is totally under served. Current sharing platforms weren’t set up to serve a continuous narrative that would be accessible in future decades. Said Paths founder Taber Nash, “The digital debris we have dropped along the way is an opportunity to build fulfilling legacies for the rest of our lives, but these stories are scattered in hard drives, in the cloud and in the busy minds of family and friends. Even the memories deep in our social media timelines are cumbersome to access.”


Paths make it fun to bring people together in order to quickly help each other remember events from their multiple perspectives. With ease, this system solves the problem of linking the moments of our online/offline lives.


Being a personal journal (holding the healthy benefits from personal journaling) but with the private social help of loved ones who matter most, social media time is now set up to be refreshingly spent more for constructive goodness.


Reviving old content can be as enjoyable as the typical social media experience, and yet add more meaning. The founders of the Paths app know that the solution to adding detail to our life story is the fun in our social tendencies. First off, Paths provides a platform to store the answers to the often asked the bonding-building question among close friends & family: “Remember When?” Your close friends & family frequently have precious details about you that you don’t, so seize them. Facebook leadership is often disclosing how social media is trending more toward the intimate, and Facebook/Instagram are not the networks for this trend (8:30-11:30 on his video).


Paths is tremendous for bolstering the significance of events, past and present! 


Paths has a familiar social media timeline but make our events and memories co-owned by allowing the user to invite collaborators to add content to mutual moments. Everybody uniquely contributes to the same memory now. This is because each person’s entry is individually organized in a tab at the top of a given post called the CollabTab. This post appears in every collaborator’s timeline as a shared milestone in their history, forever merging multiple versions of an event. These are typically people who have crossed paths in physical time and space. This is a “closer-friend qualifier”, an element the current social media climate yearns for; realness and quality over quantity. The CollabTab favors records of real-world engagements, thus intertwining life’s paths.


The second primary feature is the app’s intuitive new method of rendering a person’s timeline with Tandem Timeline which is a two-column format that juxtaposes the user’s own timeline (right column) adjacent to friends they track (left column). A delightful new life perspective and user experience is created by comparing your moments against what your loved ones were doing, especially in times past. For ease and speed, the zoom in/zoom out user interface works like mapping interfaces - but for one’s highlight reel of life. Zoom out for a longer view of your life and zoom in for down to the minute, in seconds. It’s the most streamlined way to access any moment in your life! This convenience also allows for the setting of future goals and habits with ease. It also allows easy logging of images and information from pre-digital days as you continue to fill in your backstory in association with your friends.


Co-founder Scout said, “We say Seize Life & Share It! That means seize the pieces and parts of your past quickly and get them permanently safe-housed for easy access later on. Seize the moment and use it to build your best long-term story. Share this whole experience with the real friends that you’ve truly experienced reality with; they can help you as you help them. Share your full legacy in detail to generations beyond yours. Prove you mattered. Be more than a gravestone, photo, and caption when people look at your life.”


A powerful social tool for parents, seniors, event-goers, travelers, and self-mastery aficionados, Paths minimum vial product is available for iOS and Android. On-boarding is easy as it facilitates the importing of your Facebook, Instagram, MySpace, and Blogger histories (and more to come) before it virally helps you invite friends to join via text, email, social media, and in-app. 

For more information contact:

Taber Nash



Scout Underwood




About Paths: Paths is an app created by startup Seize LLC. from Cerritos, CA. The company's mission is to help everyone embrace real-life more by making real-world memories a socially standardized collectible keepsake, right next to anything physical worth cherishing, compiled in a way that allows everyone to build an epic life story that they can be proud to reminisce-upon, relive and build-up with actual friends...and to finally share onward.

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