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Here are some FAQ's that Paths users find helpful:

What sites are currently supported by Paths?

Facebook, Instagram, Blogger and a unrestricted accounts on Myspace

Why should I use paths if I already use other Social media platforms?

Please, continue to use the other social media platforms. Paths works as a compliment to them. Paths is here to allow you to use the more important posts from those networks and use them as memory cues to build upon the memory with friends relevant to them.

Privacy is important to me, what does Paths do with my data?

We do nothing with your personal data. We can’t see the content on our end unless somebody reports abuse on an entry of yours, then we have to review it but we don’t know who owns the flagged content. It’s not attached to your name.

What devices support Paths? Can I download it on my PC, phone, and tablet?

Paths runs on iOS and Android. There is a web component that is used merely for sharing Paths posts and inviting more to collaborate. The web component does not post entries yet.

How do I follow friends?

  • Method 1: Just navigate to their feed and tap “follow”.

  • Method 2: Navigate to the “Manage Others” screen to the left of the center “+” button for adding entries. It’s got the icon of 3 peeps. Tap the “Find More Of Your People” bar at the bottom of the screen. Begin typing somebody’s name that you want to follow and allow the list to filter down to the person you seek. They must be an existing Paths user to be found here.

What does collaborating on a post mean?

Collaborating on a post is what the CollabTab by Paths delivers. Unlike most social media posts, the CollabTab is the Paths style of post that allows multiple peers to contribute their entries into a given post. When you have another person “co-owning” a post with you in Paths, you are collaborating on a post in Paths.

How do I add posts from my to my timeline?

  • Upon onboarding, you will have the option to pull in your content from Facebook so you can load those memory cues instantly.

  • Also, if you navigate to Settings and tap the PastPuller button to see a list of the social networks and services that you can integrate into your one path.

How do I remove posts from my timeline?

Anywhere you see an entry that you’ve created, whether it be a solo entry or part of CollabTab, you can tap the three vertical dots on the top/right of the entry to see more actions you can do. One of the actions is “Delete”, which delete your post.

Can I control who sees my timeline?

Currently we have two methods of controlling who sees what.

  • Private Account: If you set your entire account to Private (located in Settings > Account), you will have you approve people who request to follow your path.

  • Private Entry: When you create or edit an entry in Paths, you have the option to save it Private as opposed to Public. Saving Private means that only you can see your entry. The exception is if you invite somebody to CollabTab with you on that entry, then only other collaborators in that post can see your entry.

I use more social media sites than what you support, what sites do you plan to add support for in the future?

We wanted to cover most people’s digital footprint from the turn of this century until now so we started with Facebook, Instagram, Myspace and Blogger. We’re making the next round of Pastpuller networks a surprise, but we don’t plan to stop with these integrations.

How do I zoom out and in on my timeline?

  • Like using any map software (Google Maps, Waze, Apple Maps, etc…) you simply pinch two finger on-screen to zoom and spread your fingers to zoom out.

  • You may also double tap a spot to zoom in by a degree.

Can I still use Paths if I don’t have any other social media accounts?

You sure can. You can start your life story as a clean slate by using Paths directly to create initial entries, complete with photos, titles, descriptions and more!

How do I send people messages in Paths?

We have a “Conversations” screen that handles just that. In there, you will find the Direct Message section that works like any basic messenger.

Can I delete comments on my posts if I don’t like them?

Not yet, but that’s a good idea. We’ll look into doing this one day.

Can I block people on Paths?

Yes, and Paths will not notify the user that you have blocked them. Just navigate to the person’s feed > top the 3 horizontal dots (...) on the top/right of the screen, then select “Block this account” in order to block this given user from seeing you in Paths. They will still see comments that you’ve contributed to threads, or any Public-saved CollabTab entries that you're added to somebody that the user follows.

What are upgrades and what do they do?

Upgrades will be additional features that will accrue in our Upgrades Marketplace section of the app. Some will be free and some will be paid-in-app purchases. These upgrades help you make the most of Paths by providing services to fine tune the product to your needs.

What is a PastPuller?

PastPuller are integrations to 3rd party social networks, blogs or other services that “pull” the content from these sources to act as memory cues to your more permanent path. The Pastpuller will deliver the outside content into the feeds and Tandem Timeline of your app, and you have the option to save them Privately or Public.

How do I send you feedback?

We are hungry for your feedback so we can forever improve Paths for you. If you have tech problems, please use our ticketing system so we can get our finest talent on your case. General ideas or feedback can be emailed to

How can I report a bug?

Please use your ticketing system so we can keep a strong dialog with you in addressing your bug. Sometimes we have to have a few volleys of correspondence to get to the root problem behind bugs.

How can I invite my friends to join Paths?

  1. The best way is to start a CollabTab with your entry, and invite them by tapping the green “+” plus button that opens your devices sharing drawer, and you can recruit through the channel of your choice - directly to the CollabTab that you’ve started!

  2. Send them to

  3. Send them a link to the App Store:

What is a private account?

A private account is an account that requires the owner to grant permission to those who want to follow it. This is opposed to an open account that allows anybody to follow you.


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