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Mission Statement

  1. We set out to transcend social media.
    Through the ease of our patented Tandem Timeline™ interface that allows rapid access to any point in one’s life, Paths™ is intended to facilitate peoples’ momentary crossing of paths into a record of life-long, intertwined and loving relationships. Moments and memories are delightfully recorded in a familiar social-media-post style format that we are patenting called the CollabTab™ which has improved the conventional social media posting formats with the following uplifting features:


    • The patented-pending CollabTab™ feature that ultimately weaves people’s life timelines together. As collaborators add to their respective timelines they can invite each other to contribute to their timelines, linking shared posts in time.

    • CMS-style sectioning called Media Blocks for optionally composing more comprehensive entries that can include additional media formats like audio files, documents and pulled content from others to help build one’s own best story.

    • The CollabTab also features the optional Teachable Takeaway™ that prompts us to note the lesson or main idea of any teachable moment, indexing these shareable takeaways for convenient future reference.

In a few words, Paths helps people Seize Life & Share it™


  • Life’s highlights and lessons, past or current, with ease

  • Plan the ahead by creating posts in the future to remind you to capture memories and collaborate with friends and family.


  • Co-owned posts and push them to social media, email or texts

  • Your story, connections and insights to future generations for a legacy that matters more


Social but introspective, fueled with PMA...Paths is the system that will transcend current social media.

  1. We believe CollabTabs are super-precious collectibles.
    When multiple individual entries attach together in Paths they become a co-owned CollabTab. We strongly promote that these unique remember-when’s-between-friends are distinguished, desirable, and collectible keepsake. We see a Paths CollabTab as a virtual object of affection, practically tangible and innate with true sentimental value - similar to how digital currency has real financial value. That said, CollabTabs are of the most valuable items one can own at the end of life because they are priceless elements of life’s story as it intertwines with others'. One’s story should forever include (in detail) the most significant people who helped shape it. We made the CollabTabs to be the world's format to gather and safe-house such precious pieces of our stories.

  2. We encourage bonding locally, not just blasting globally.
    The Paths mission will always seek ways to reignite and reinforce mutual experiences within existing relationships so to better harmonize families, friends, and mentors. We seek connections to collectively reminisce on their bonds toward ever greater degrees of detail excitingly together, through all of life. We support quality friendships over collecting quantities of strangers. We favor the family room over the town square.


  3. We aim to enjoyably ease.
    The Paths team will relentlessly continue to make recollection, recording, retrieving, accessing, and the saving of keepsakes easier and easier so people better reflect on, and append to, a fuller life...and do so habitually often. We will be the leading hub for people’s routine digital behavior through fun, peer support, practicality, convenience, and ease. We also hope Paths users find ease and refreshing solace here.


  4. We uphold that privacy is paramount.
    We will protect your priceless valuables from prying eyes, human or machine ones, as stated in our Paths Privacy Protocol. You control what is seen and unseen, and nobody, not even us can see what you don’t intentionally want to show as long as you don’t expose your password or unlocked device to anyone else. We take every measure in our power to ensure the utmost security on our end.


  5. We designed Paths to be uplifting.
    The people at Paths will actively aim to make social media a positive force again to those who don’t feel this way anymore. We strive to make Paths less susceptible to negative posts and more prone to uplifting ones. We are striving for Paths to be less empowering to trolls and complainers as they hide in anonymity, whereas Paths is set up for collaboration between people who have actually shared positive experiences and may want to keep doing so. There are no like buttons to falsely measure people’s love-ability, an immeasurable metric that we believe is not our business to harvest anyway. We also seek to make such connectivity technology feel better than ever by doing our best to frame CollabTabs to harbor more of the following qualities:


  • “Look what we did together”...instead of “aren’t you jealous”

  • “I’m grateful for what I did”...instead of “Look what they’re doing and I’m not”

  • “I’m grateful for what I got”...instead of “I can never get what they got”

  • “I’ll review this takeaway lesson”...instead of “What else is there?”

  • “I’m going to aim toward this goal”...instead of being distracted from them.

We are building Paths to be a useful and constructive self-growth tool that builds meaning...instead of being a depression-enabling, FOMO-driven, time-robbing, and distracting thief of the best self.

  1. Paths is made of people.
    We hope to design a system that sets up thoughtfulness, but we also hope to create a community that helps society in ways where mere software itself is unable to do so. It begins with being kind and full of PMA (Positive Mental Attitude) in making the platform, in using the platform, and in growing the platform. Leaving the pioneers with the initial arrows they took on, with their lessons let’s start over freshly on the right foot. Let’s remember our Golden Rule, let’s live and help live, and let’s be braver than our whiny inner trolls. Being unkind is frowned upon here. If that’s not for you, kindly please go elsewhere.

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