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Paths Is The Social Network For Memories

Our mission is to make history by making the future of history better

When the media of our most precious moments are forever linked between our closest friends and family, memories are more substantial and meaningful. 

At Seize LLC, we're using the power of Paths to add permanent Lifetime Value to millions of lives.

We've designed a system to help people delightfully reach out to their VIPs and invite them (or ask them) to join their life stories. This low CAC virality machine is core to our strategy in improving the future of history by providing everybody a way to enhance their legacies and lives.

Part of our mission in making the future of history better is to defy the harmful tendencies in social media today. We are refining a safe and secure user experience unfit for destructive complaint, negativity, trolling, catfishing, or false narratives. The Paths experience favors constructive gratitude, authenticity, and personal growth. We are staged to offer affordable tools to support people's efforts to craft their best selves and teach their loved ones to do the same.

invest in the future of history and let's open up a world of appreciation

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