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Welcome To the  tandem Timeline

A new way to view your life online - the Paths unique patent-pending Tandem Timeline™ is a collection of photos, video, blog entries, past social media posts, and more that gives you a 30,000 ft view of your path. Choose to keep the posts on your path private or public, your path is yours. Invite friends and family along the way to collaborate on your shared history or future events, allowing users to gain new perspectives and connect at on deeper level with those you've shared your path with.


Quick, easy & Secure login

Log in quickly and painlessly with secure login options including Google, Apple and Facebook. If you want to log in with your Paths user email and password you can do that too. We want to give users the freedom to securely log into their Paths account via the method of their choosing. Log in and start down your path.

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Toggle through all of your connections at a glance with the patent-pending CollabTab™ exclusive to Paths. Lending opportunities to follow along, collaborate or comment are all stored here. Never miss a moment and discover new connections by collaborating on shared events and memories.

Connect With Friends & Family

Collaborate In Realtime

The Collabtab offers a unique experience, allowing you to share a moment in time with friends and family, adding their unique perspectives to your timeline. In turn, you can collaborate on their timelines as well, creating a roadmap of intersecting experiences between you and your connections.

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Pull In Your Past

Connect your existing social media accounts from Facebook, Instagram and Blogger to back fill your timeline and start collaborating with friends right away. Sync up with your friends and get new perspectives on past experiences.

Connect With Your Past

And the people that matter most

Delve deep into your past by reconstructing your history. Our connections with friends and family are what makes each of our paths unique. Collaborate on memories and give your history a home on Paths. Invite those you're closest to to contribute to events, milestones and memories to create a collaborative history. 

record every moment

Capture every moment and give them a home on your timeline. Easily capture, post and share with your friends and family on one platform, consolidating your existing life on social media while allowing you to continue down your path. Diverge from the discourse by keeping your posts private or share your path with the world - your path and your content is yours, not ours.

And provide a home for your most cherished memories

Same Place, Same Time, New perspectives

Expand your shared experiences

Gain new perspectives on shared experiences by collaborating with friends and family. Easily expand your posts by inviting the people that were there to share their unique photos, videos, anecdotes and more, creating a truly unique immersive experience. Gone are the days of trying to connect multiple file-sharing or social media apps, email, and texts. By providing a shared platform for expanding your experiences, Paths brings people and their memories together.

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