How To Delete Your Account

At Paths, we don't want to hold you or your information hostage. We just want to provide a service where you can consolidate your memories so you can expound upon them. Being this repository for your life's body of work is a big responsibility, so we configured our system the best we can to avoid the possibility of people mistakenly erasing their entire history from Paths. At the same time, we do want to make the process easy to delete every inkling of information that you've added into Paths, so you know that you can clean your slate completely. Below are the steps required to remove your account and all the data in it:


Watch the video tutorial on how to delete your Paths account

Step 1: Tap the Settings button

Step 2: Tap the "Account Settings" button


Step 3: Tap the "More Info" Button


Step 4: Tap the "Click here" link


Step 5: Enter your username, password and email to confirm that it is truly you who is deleting all your hard work, memories and other keepsakes. Then tap "Delete My Body Of Work".

Step 6: Wait for the multi-factor authentication popup, check your email for your 6-digit pin, then enter that pin into the popup. We really want to make sure that it's you and not hackers that is deleting your account.

Done! All your data is deleted from the system and unrecoverable and your entries are removed from everybody else's CollabTabs. It's as if you never used Paths.