Never miss a memory 

Never struggle to find it

Bring all of your life online into focus with a platform designed to warehouse your existing social media, ditch corrosive discourse, and instead encourage collaboration centered around building a positive environment for sharing our past, present, and future with those who truly matter.

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Meet Your Timeline

Get a 30,000ft view of your life online. The Tandem Timeline feature allows users compare their timeline to a friend's allowing simple to pinch-zoom in and out functionality, giving you the ability to go from years down to a time of the day in just a few seconds. Endless scrolling to find old posts is now a thing of the past.



Instantly invite your friends and family to collaborate on shared events. The CollabTab is the best way to gain new perspectives, share photos, video, and text; intertwining and aligning your history with those that matter most.

See your friend's and family's photos, videos, and memories of a shared event or experience simply by clicking on their profile picture.

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Pull in your past

The PastPuller™ is one of PATHS' most powerful features. Pull in all of your current and past posts from Facebook, Instagram, Blogger, and MySpace. Bring in those old memories and keep them alive on your timeline, allowing you to go back and connect with the people you shared those moments with. PATHS gives you a place to revive your history and share it.


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"This app fixes the issues I have with other social media apps. I want to keep my memories and be able to find them later on. The home screen makes it easy to find my old pictures. The Collabtab feature is great! I can save my pictures and easily share with others while linking their pictures with mine! It creates a perfect way to capture the moment.

This is the way social media should be, collaborating, sharing, and keeping your memories for a lifetime! The best part is that it pulled in all my history from those other sites. I had thought those moments in time were lost forever."


"The only social media app you need! Paths collects all your previous social media posts in one place so you can start fresh and leave you story for generations to come. Family friendly, & super easy to navigate too. My favorite features are the gratitude journal and the teachable takeaways where you can pause and be grateful for the experiences put in your path! No more posting for likes, these are rear stories and life experiences!"


"Love this app so much! It organizes all of my pictures and memories from my different social media sites in one place and makes it easy to see my friends photos too. My favorite features are the gratitude journal and teachable moments options. I like that they allow you to add more than just a caption to a memory."


CApture Your creativity

Upload images, audio, video, and website links to your posts, making your timeline a collage of memories or a manifestation of your creative energy 

warehouse your memories

Bring your disparate social media posts into one concise timeline, allowing you to go back and revisit old content with ease. PATHS revolutionary pinch zoom feature gives you the ability to travel back in time in seconds.

Tell your story

Keeping a journal has never been easier. Whether you keep posts on your timeline private or public PATHS gives you a platform to keep your thoughts and memories safe and secure, allowing quick and easy access when you need to recall them.

grow your connections

Invite new and old friends to collaborate on your posts, expanding your perspective on your past, and gaining new insights into your future. Use the Collab Tab to expand your network, sharing, and learning from those around you.

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Seize life and share it

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